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by admin
on Aug 3rd, 2015


I have not visited my site for a long period, not due to any particular reason, just a suspicion no one really wants to read the ramblings of an aging extrovert. I want any readers to know that I intend to carry on writing until my fingers can no longer type, or my brain gives out before my body.

To up-date you, I remain shackled to my long-standing girfriend, I have told her to sit down, and continue to enjoy my long retirement. I now act as a kind of chief advisor/taxi to my grand children, which helps keep me sane, and continually listen to their jokes like - ” granddad, I ate a watch yesterday, I had a hard time swallowing it”. You get the idea.

My mind still wonders back to those golden years of the 50-60’s, when youth was REALLY FREE to live their own lives as they desired. I constantly recall Pat Weightman with her long ginger hair and pleasant personality, a treasure I clearly missed out on sharing my live with such a sensible, charming, lady of good looks and thrilling charisma.

The first mistake of my long life, full of mistakes.

I know I am getting old because last night I whatched Babe Station, a french maid was hovering her bosses flat in a ver skimpy outfit, she bends over showing her rear end, and her low-cut top provides ample views of her upper-regions, and my thoughts were - I had a hover like that once!

My grandchildren call me “SPIDER MAN” - I don’t have super powers, I just cannot get out of the bath! The trouble is at my age there is no “peer Pressure” now. My memory is not as sharp as it used to be, and, my memory is not as sharp as it used to be.

I often wonder why society appears to “write-off” the elderly, why they waste all this life experience instead of finding methods of harnessing this expertise to the betterment of man kind. I have a wealth of life expertise, I can predict outcomes based on it, yet it lays dormant for the best of time, although I do run an Advocacy Service helping other people with problems, but this will not change National thinking at Government level.

I can forsee, as most people of Britain can, that this immigrant crisis in France is going to go pear shaped before long, and that the French will not cope with the numbers seeking British sanctuary for benefit purposes The whole system will become a tsuarmi this year, and Britain will be flooded with immigrants not seeking genuine asylum, but financial gain and free housing, that will impact on the British population who will become second-hand occupiers of this island, What is wrong with this Government, it appears unable to plan anything other than its constant desire to rob the indiginous population of any rights they have, including the right to be protected from abuses of migration and abuses of the taxes we pay.

And employment - the Employers are now gifted ultimate powers to just treat employees like “gangmasters”, slave owners who will tell you what you can and cannot do, where you can work regarding second jobs, how you WILL work, and treat their employees like children rather than a contractual equal. Employment contracts are now so complicated and long winded, employees never read them, but the employer breaches them constantly anyway. What happened to the once powerful Trade Unions?

In my day if it was not negotiated it did not happen, now employers covertly put up barriers to tade unions in their workplaces, and current Laws do not seem to bar this practice. EMPLOYEES - YOU HAVE RIGHTS, EXERCISE THEM, GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING, DO NOT PUT UP WITH BEING A SLAVE TO YOUR WORKPLACE OR YOUR MANAGER, ENFORCE THE CONDITIONS OF YOUR EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT.

Well thats my rant of the day, and I hear my dearly beloved gently calling to me - “coming dear”.

by admin
on Aug 3rd, 2015