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on Mar 2nd, 2011


If readers care to read more about me they should see the FRANCIS FRITH MEMORIES site in which I unfold parts of my life from the day I was dumped by a blind stork into a rat infested, semi-derelict house, occupied by some bloke who never stopped working and his wife who never tried, instead of the Mansion in the countryside somewhere. This stork just muttered and muttered. I could not tell his talk from his mutter.

In one story called A BOY FROM THE SLUMS, I bring to mind  past girlfriends in the light of the wonderful contributions they made to my life, the joy of their attentions, their great personalities that I recall some 50 years later.

Two of these prominent in my thoughts were Pat Wightman, whose second name I had forgotten, and Liz Iveson, both Gateshead girls.

Low and behold I received a contact from a lovely woman called Linda, who knew Pat, and informed me that her second name was Wightman. Two days later this same lady again contacted me to tell me all about Liz Iveson as well. This female Sherlock Holmes has been a Godsend in filling in the gaps in my memory and bringing me up-to-date with my past. I thank her with all my heart. Keep it coming Linda!!.Without a past we have no future.

Today I changed a light bulb. Later on I crossed the road into a pub with an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman. My life’s a joke.

My next door neighbours, both females were talking the other day over the garden fence. They must be at least 7 feet tall. One said to the other, “I’m going to have a boob job done”. The other reiterated with, ” I’m going to have my asshole bleached”. The first one retorted, “I cannot imagine your husband as a blond”?

Like my old dad used to say - “If I had all the money I spent on drink - I would buy drinks with it”.

Is a gunman with multi-personalities and bent on suicide a hostage situation?

I am now trying to trace another girl I was engaged to way back in 1900 and frozen to death. I think her first name was Betty, she worked at OZRAM light factory on Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead. Anyone got a good memory?

Another is Carol Clayton fron Springwell Estate in Gateshead. Her brother Peter was part of our local group. Another was Jean Starr whose brother Stan was also among my friends. Then there is Laura, I cannot remember her second name, but she was a great lass who I courted whilst I worked as a Bus conductor for Gateshead Bus Company in 1965.

Where are all the girls I went out with from the naughty girls home just off Coatsworth Road in Gateshead. Get in touch!

When I was a bus driver for Newcastle Corperation I had a clippie called Renee. Would love to hear from her again.

My current partner, Kerry Emmerson, I just call her “Emmerson”, is due home shortly and is looking forward to a “stormy night” - so I will have to feign another headache, or get the umbrella out.