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by admin
on Mar 10th, 2008

Advice Letters

One of my pastimes is reading, Law, true stories, ghost stories and letters to magazines.

I read this one the other day from a man seeking advice.

Dear Sally

I have a serious problem I don’t know how to deal with.

I have a girlfriend who is a Sunderland supporter. Her Father has been recently convicted for molesting children and has been jailed. Her mother is a lesbian who has a 15yr old “partner”, they meet in secret in the shed at the back of my house. My girlfriends brother is a drug dealer/user who sells drugs to school children right outside the local school. My own mother is having an affair with a local policman, I often hear them sneaking into the house late at night and using his “trunchion”, making my mother scream in delight. My brother is a homo-sexual and the whole of my family are heroin users, except me. I myself want to become a woman.

My problem is - how can I possibly tell my family and friends that my Girlfriend is - a “Sunderland Supporter?

That’s modern society for ya.

I have a girlfriend that men constantly whistle at.Thats cos she looks like a sheepdog