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by admin
on Sep 3rd, 2007


I hate many things about this world, taxes, discrimination in benefits, Emmersons cooking, to name a few. My biggest hate is the lack of common sense law in this Country. Female paedophiles get probation, males get prison. Young yobs get fined £25 for committing 25 crimes, a female muderer gets 5yrs probation, a male one - life imprisonment.

A female harbouring guns in her house gets 2yrs community order, a male gun harbourer - 4yrs behind bars. The list is endless. The law itself is strong enough its Magistrates and Judges who constantly fail to protect society by handing down stupid sentences that are never the same in any area. Burgle a house in a posh area, you will get prison. Burgle one in a working class area - you will get a fine or a community order. Is there a web-site collating views on law/order? if not one needs to be set up!  Let me have your views.

 Last night my girfriend, Emmerson, and I had some friends around. We had a pleasant evening at the end of which my friend said, “I would like to say farewell to Emmerson”. “Would’nt we all”, I said.

Age is a funny thing, it slows you down. I now get winded playing chess.