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by admin
on Jan 5th, 2007

Laugh at life.

Recently I was asked by a friend if I talked to my girlfriend while I had sex. My reply,” depends on if there’s a phone handy”.

A stunning blond knocked at my door this morning. She said, ” you look realy sexy, would you like to get upstairs quick? “I certainly would”, I said - so she sold me a Stannah stair lift.

My girlfriend works as a cleaner at the local Ministry of Pensions. One day her supervisor and charge-hand inspected the male toilets. The supervisor noted a stain on the floor and bent down to smell it. “That’s sperm”, she said to the charge-hand. “Never”, was the reply as the charge-hand bent down to feel the stain. “Your right”, she said, “it is sperm”. My girfriend was sent for. The supervisor said to her, “thats a sperm stain on the floor”, “Never, replied my girfriend as she bent down, rubbed her fingure over the stain and tasted the finger in her mouth. “Your right, it is sperm, but you will be pleased to know it nobodies who works here”.